>It’s Still Snowing

>It’s still snowing where I live. Today I worked from home and if things are still bad tomorrow I will do the same. That is a nice option for me.

My dog is crazy. Hates puddles and is from Puerto Rico. When it snows he just loves it! He army crawls and buries himself in the snow. The photo below is after just one adventure. It’s a little blurry cause he doesn’t stay still for long.

Since it’s a snow day, I thought I would entertain myself with some of these lovelies. For the dog that has everything….

Why not the Serengetti gold bed for $240 or the Dog Feeder for $120?

For your biker dog that likes it a little on the wild side.
You can get a wedding dress for your dog too. You can get your girl ready for her deb ball even with this crushed velvet number.

For those of you that want a little Christmas cheer.

You have heard of the man purse. Now there is the puppy purse. I kid you not.

I have no words……………………..



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3 responses to “>It’s Still Snowing

  1. >haha, the puppy purse is awesome, but looks terribly uncomfortable for the dog.

  2. >I’m thinking the puppy purse is terrible for all those involved. Bad for your spine and shoulders, awkward and embarrassing for the dog! Their poor little legs just dangling there…We were really tempted to get Rufus a Santa suit but then we snapped out of it. He would have probably ended up peeing on it anyway.

  3. >I’m ashamed of that man with the dog strapped to him. I’m more embarrased for the dog and feel bad for it.

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