>Starbucks Will Not Get All My Money

Today is day four without having visited Starbucks. We are pretty broke until we get paid Friday so tomorrow will most definitely be day five. Since we bought a French press it’s been a lot easier to make our own coffee every morning. We have an espresso maker but we really don’t have that much time in the morning to utilize it. Our goal this month is to only go to Starbucks twice a week.



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3 responses to “>Starbucks Will Not Get All My Money

  1. >The Starbucks habit is a hard one to break! We only do Starbucks on holidays now. I’ve actually knocked coffee out totally except on weekends. The caffeine habit was so hard to break! It worked out in the end, though, cause I’m saving a ton of money between not going to Starbucks and buying tea bags instead of the pricey bagged coffee.

  2. >You might want to check out a recent guest post over at GetRichSlowly about undoing the damage of turning treats into habits. I thought it was particularly good:http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2008/08/04/dangerous-norms-when-a-treat-becomes-a-routine-matter/

  3. >Good luck with this!! I have a french press that I haven’t used in years… I should dust it off and start using it again…

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