>Happy Monday

>It’s Monday here in the greater Seattle area and it’s soooo foggy! Not much hand crafting over the weekend cause the SK’s were down and my next projects lined up are for them. Now that they are back at their mom’s I can get some stuff for them done. Posting to come soon!

The big news in the house of Paisley Penguin is I have been blogerviewed! Go on over to FruGal’s blog where you can check out an interview with me. Yep, yours truly. FruGal is one of my absolute favorite PF blogs. She and Holly of Holly Is Stopping Shopping (another personal favorite) post an interview each Monday morning so be certain to check back with them regularily.

Have lovely Monday!



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2 responses to “>Happy Monday

  1. >Happy Tuesday to you. I’ll check out the interview.

  2. >Loved the interview! Thanks for sharing.

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