>Monkey PJ’s

>As part of my November goals I want to make seven hand crafted Christmas Gifts. These flannel PJ’s are for my three year old nephew (sorry for the photo – it’s really hard to take a shot of these).

My brother in law calls him monkey. I totally fell in love with this fabric. Here is a detailed shot.

Two hand crafted projects down. Five to go this month.



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9 responses to “>Monkey PJ’s

  1. >Wow, you have mad skills!

  2. >Oh, and I left something for you on my blog :O)

  3. >Wow! you are not only creative but very awesome with making stuff. I loved the stocking and I love the PJ’s too!I wish you were my aunt. 😉

  4. >As I said before I have NO CRAFTY CELL on my body. I am going to have to visit your blog everyday to see what you are up to. Love the monkeys too.

  5. >I want to take a sewing class. It’s awesome you made those!

  6. >Thanks so much for all the comments. I would craft tonight but I need to go to bed so I can get up and go see Quantum of Solace at 12:01!!!!!

  7. >Those are really cute!!! I love the monkey fabric and it’s cute that it is his nickname. 🙂 3 Cheers for you and your many accomplishments this week!!!

  8. >Adorable Jammies with that cozy handmade touch so talented

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