>November Goals Update

>So far this month I have had three no spend days. Today would have been number four but I completely forgot to eat breakfast before leaving for work. Normally I have packets of oatmeal in my desk but no such luck today. Since I need some groceries I will get those tonight so I can get at least three more no spend days in this week.

If you have not tried the Portabello mushroom Piadini at Starbucks – go, go now and try it!

Last night I completed the first of my hand crafted gifts. I took a wool/angora/cashmere sweater I found at the thrift store and turned it in to a stocking for my niece. I fell asleep last night before I could upload photos so will post those tonight.



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2 responses to “>November Goals Update

  1. >I’ve never tried no spend days. It seems like I’m always buying something. Good for you. Maybe I’ll try.

  2. >Your no-spend days have inspired me! Though my kids buy their lunch at school, I have been working on not taking extra trips to the store (thus buying “extras”) and I’ve started packing Mr.B. lunches to take to work. He’s loving it, as I’m working hard to make them things that he’ll really like. So while we aren’t always completely spend-free, we have cut down!

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