>Halloween Decorating


Did some decorating last night. Hubby got a nifty new toy. It’s a glue gun that hooks up to an air compressor and makes spider webs. He tried it out last night on the front door. Looks like we have an infestation…

I have a shelf over my garden window that usually houses travel type items. I saw a great idea on the Grandin Road website. I didn’t really have the budget so I took existing black hardback books I own and took off the dust jackets. I think with the skull, old fashioned camera and rats it’s a little creepy.

The scrabble tiles were found at one of my favorite local stores, Salvage Studio. I have a photo of my Grandmother circa 1921 (not shown to right of the camera) on the shelf as well. I should probably dust though…

Our bar is in the dining room. It’s an old dresser we converted. The lamp, owl and silver and crystal tray sit on it all year round. I found the black roses on clearance after Halloween last year. If you have never had vampire wine definitely give it a try.

The photo hanging over the bar is one of those that from a different angle take on a different more creepy look. He looks rather benign and stuffy from the front – I think I’ll call him Mortimer. As you can see this next photo doesn’t necessarily capture his best side.

What are you all doing to decorate for Halloween?



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4 responses to “>Halloween Decorating

  1. >Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  2. >Looking really great! Very creepy! Mortimer is super ghoul. haha!! I made a funny!!

  3. >Yeah, Morty needs to live it up a little more but not too much!

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