>Pink Baby Bootie

>I so LOVE these baby booties! From now on any time a friend or family member is preggers I will be making these for them. So very easy and so very cute!

I pretty much completed this half of a pair waiting for the movie to start Saturday night. We got to the drive in at 6:30 (movie didn’t start until almost 10:00) cause we were not certain what the line for Dark Knight would be like. Glad we got there when we did. We were only four cars back from the front of the line and it was getting longer by the minute! The movie was pretty good. I slept through Wall-E cause it was so late.

Anyway, this set of booties is for a gal who works at the Starbucks my friend Mindy and I go to every Sunday after our walk. Nicole just had a baby girl who is a week old. The gals at Starbucks are total sweethearts! I should be able to get the other bootie done in plenty of time for next Sunday’s walk.


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  1. >CUTE!! I love love love them.

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