>Christmas In July

>I went to my local nursery today to pick up some plants for the yard. They did not have a couple things I was looking for but I came home with some other beautiful stuff.

I had planted some hostas under a tree in my backyard. I thought the space was pretty shaded, I know it had been in the past before the groundskeepers cut off a low growing tree limb. Anyway, even though these hostas were labeled as “sun tolerant” they clearly were not. I have moved them to a pot in a shadier part of the yard. Below is my “before” photos of them. I am hoping with more shade they will come back to life.

Today it was a red and green theme for buying plants. I replaced my hostas from above with a bunch of red and green colored plants. Most all of these are colorful without flowers which I used to hate.

Saturn Coleus

Kiwi Fern Coleus


“Red Baron” Celosia (also known as Cockscomb)

Gold Spikemoss (groundcover)

I also bought some potato vine that I still need to get planted. But tonight hubby and I are headed to the drive in to see a double feature of The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Click the link here to find a drive in theater in your area!

PS. Last night (early this morning) I finished the first Firehouse glove!


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