>Solstice, Car Art & Lenin

>Yesterday we met hubby’s dad down in Freemont. The Summer Solstice celebration was in full swing. We missed the parade but got to see a lot of the fair. Painted people were everywhere…

We saw people dressed up in all kinds of costumes…

There were nudists (don’t worry – this is a G rated blog)….

There were people expressing themselves in all sorts of ways…

Even cars got in to the act (yes that really is a car bra made out of bras)…

Who knew carpeting wasn’t just for floors…

The same could be said for laminate…

I’m uncertain what exactly this was was trying to convey. Possibly the exploration of space???

We had really good pizza by the slice at Mad Pizza and stopped by the statue of Lenin salvaged from Slovakia by a local art lover who mortgaged his house to bring the statue over.

We also saw the Freemont Troll created in 1990.

The weather was just perfect. Sunny and not too warm. Just enough of an overcast sky to make it nice but not uncomfortable. Welcome to summer!

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  1. >Great pictures! I can’t believe I watched the whole parade and didn’t take a single photo:-(. glad you had a fun time in Fremont!

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