>Hooray for A Project Completed!

>A couple weeks ago my friend tossed her kids and husband out of the house so she could finish their taxes . Her hubby came to our place and helped my hubby finish putting up our crown molding. We still need to fill in the nail holes and repaint but I am very pleased.

We started this project about four years ago thinking we were going to snake wires from our surround sound behind it. We were having problems (we thought) with the saw we were using. We found out it was with the particular crown molding we bought. Every time we made a cut at the corner of a room we had a gap. Our solution – spend more money for these groovy corner pieces.

Now we are only stepping over one twelve foot long piece of crown molding when we walk in to the bathroom instead of a small pile. That will be gone soon and at least the project is done.



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2 responses to “>Hooray for A Project Completed!

  1. >Did the surround sound work out? Great molding!

  2. >Thanks, we really do like the molding. The surround sound works great.

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