>Two Celebrities One Day

>My company occasionally has musicians perform at our offices. We do in store music systems and music programming for large retail establishments. If you have ever been in a Starbucks, Old Navy, Steve & Barry’s or Anthropologie (to name but a few) then you have heard our work.

Anyway, Michelle Shocked performed accoustically for us today. She has been in the music biz for 20 + years and has an absolutely wonderful voice. It was a thrill to meet her.

The other big news is I saw the Yarn Harlot! I was unfortunately not organized enough to purchase a copy of her new book in order to get it signed by her and I did not meet her in person. She was wonderful to listen to for an hour and next time she is here rest assured I will be more prepared! The photo below is the best I could get of her since she was standing in front of a black curtain which sucked the light from all my photos.

She of course took her sock photo which I desperately wanted to do of her but it was all I could do just to snap a photo of her that I could actually see.

I have temporarily put aside my Lady E in favor of an easy beginner sock pattern I could knit on and not concentrate too hard on while I listened to Stephanie and chatted with my new friends at the North End Knitters. I will be back with Lady E momentarily.


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